Mitcham’s Hidden Hundrerd – part 2

In 2014 Diane Holmes painstakingly constructed a casualty map for Colliers Wood which vividly charts the impact of the Great War on the community in a small corner of what is now Merton.

Diane based her map on modern boundaries, using those of the Great War years would include a few more streets and more names that appear at Lower Green.  Residents were right to think they lived in an area distinct from the heart of Mitcham, but Colliers Wood was still administered by the Mitcham Urban District Council and in 1918 residents would be voting for a Mitcham MP for the very first time.  What Diane’s map does not show in every case are those names from Colliers Wood who are part of Mitcham’s “Hidden Hundred” – names not found on any of Mitcham’s  war memorials.

These men can be found in the CWGC Records:

These men can be found in the SDGW and have proven links to Colliers Wood:

SADLER, Pte Reginald S 

Private Reginald Seabrook SADLER Service No: 61833.  Regiment: 13th Bn London Regiment.  KIA 13/02/1917, aged 19.  Buried Barlin Communal Cemetery Extension, France. Eldest son of William and Edith Florence Sadler Colliers Wood.

STEEL, Pte Edward T

Private Edward Thomas STEEL, Service No. 2354. Regiment: Royal Fusiliers.  Died 08/05/1915, aged 17 and commemorated Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial, Belgium (Ref: Panel 6 and 8). Lived 15 Waterfall Cottages, Collier’s Wood

FOREST, Private F

Private F FOREST, Service No. 7831; Regiment: 5th Dragoon Guards, died of pneumonia 14/02/1919, aged 33; buried: Ste Marie Cemetery, Le Havre (Grave Ref: (Div. 64 VI. K. 2); Lived 62 Fortescue Road, Collier’s Wood.  Husband of May Driver (formerly Forest)

TAYLOR, Pte Alfred S

Private Alfred Stephen TAYLOR, Service No. 451462.  Regiment: 58th Bn. Attd. 2nd Canadian Tunnelling Coy. Died 12/09/1916 aged 30.  Commemorated on Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial, Belgium.  Lived 95 Fortescue Road, Collier’s Wood.  Husband of Annie Taylor.

HOLGATE, Cpl Charles James 

Corporal Charles James HOLGATE, Service No. L/11924; Regiment: 1st Middlesex Regiment; died 23/04/1917 aged 28, buried Heninel-Croiselles Road Cemetery (Grave Ref: I. E. 22), lived 77 Courtney Road, Collier’s Wood.  Enlisted London 27/08/1914.

PAYNE, Pte Charles W

Private Charles Walter PAYNE, Service No. 3873.  Regiment: 2nd/24th London Regiment.  Died 25/08/1916 aged 18 and buried Louez Military Cemetery, Duisans, France.  Lived 84 Devonshire Road, Collier’s Wood.

HERON, Trooper A E 

Trooper A E HERON, Service No. 1265.  Regiment: Royal Horse Guards, died 12/04/1917 aged 29 and buried Tilloy British Cemetery, Tilloy-les-Moufflaines, France (Grave Ref: II. F. 21).  Lived 9 Evelyn Villas, Devonshire Road.

GOODMAN, Pte Cyril C 

Private Cyril Charles GOODMAN, Service No.614085.  Regiment: 2nd/19th Bn. London Regiment.  Died 06/12/1917, aged 19 and buried Alexandria (Hadra) War Memorial Cemetery, Egypt.  Lived 61 Devonshire Road, Collier’s Wood.

SMITH, Rifleman Alexander C

Rifleman Alexander Charles SMITH, Service No. P/752. Regiment: 16th Bn. Rifle Brigade, died 27/10/1918 and buried Terlincthun British Cemetery, Wimille, France.  Lived “Holmside”, Finborough Road, Tooting.

LEACH, Sapper Herbert

Sapper Herbert LEACH, Service No. 347567.  Regiment: 9th Light Railway Operating Coy. Royal Engineers.  Died 30/05/1918, aged 22 and buried Pernes British Cemetery, France (Grave Ref: II. D. 32) . Husband of Rose Leach.  Lived 6 West Gardens, Collier’s Wood.

STILLMAN, Cpl William E 

Corporal William Edward STILLMAN, Service No. 91.  Regiment: Australian Machine Gun Corps, died 15/04/1917, aged 27 and commemorated Villers-Bretonneux Memorial, Somme, France (.  Lived 7A Robinson Road, Collier’s Wood (previously of Balham).  Son of William and Jane Stillman.  He worked as a greengrocer before the war.  His younger brother Herbert also fell (1916).

STILLMAN, Rifleman Herbert G 

Rifleman Herbert George STILLMAN, Service No. S/14370.  Regiment: 12th Bn. Rifle Brigade.  Died 12/07/1916 aged 24 and buried Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery (Grave Ref. VIII. C. 14A).  Lived 7A Robinson Road, Collier’s Wood (previously of Balham)  Son of William and Jane Stillman.  He worked as a Fitter’s Mate at a Motor Engineers firm before the war.  His older brother of William also fell.

HARDY, Cpl Edward W 

Corporal Edward William HARDY, Service No. 794.  Regiment: Australian Infantry AIF, died 05/06/1917 aged 26 and buried Swanscombe Cemetery, Kent, United Kingdom.  Lived 2 Ladysmith Maisonettes, 19 Robinson Road, Collier’s Wood.

HOWARD, Lt. Albert L

Lieutenant Albert Leonard HOWARD, Regiment: 1st Bn. The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment.  Died 18/09/1918 aged 29 and buried Bellicourt British Cemetery, France.  Lived 33 Robinson Road, Collier’s Wood.

BARRETT, Trumpeter William H (MM)

Trumpeter William H BARRETT MM, Service No. 70494; Regiment: H Bty. Royal Horse Artillery, died  29/06/1920, aged 21. Commemorated on the Delhi 1914 – 1918 Memorial.  Parents Henry Gulliver and Charlotte Barrett (Plot 6, grave 5).  Lived 13 Birdhurst Road, Collier’s Wood.  Former pupil at Singlegate School.  Awarded MM London Gazette 13/11/1918 for gallantry in operations on 8th, 9th & 10th August alongside Gnr A E Davis of the same regiment.  Father wrote to Singlegate School on 17/09/1918.  School log book reads: “The father of Trumpeter William Barrett has written to say that the latter has been awarded the Military Medal for gallantry in the field.  I have given the boys half and hours play this afternoon.” Silver hoof, 1919 (c); decorated with: ”JIM’/ HORSE RIDDEN BY/ TRUMPETER W H BARRETT MM/ ‘H’ BATTERY RHA/ THROUGHOUT THE GREAT WAR’; ”JIM’ WAS PRESENTED TO/ QUEEN ALEXANDRA by Field Marshal Earl Haig in 1919 and is now at Army Museum Chelsea.

WOODCRAFT, Pte William J 

Private William John WOODCRAFT, Service No. 41415. Regiment: 7th Bn. Bedfordshire Regiment, died 24/04/1918 aged 19 and buried Adelaide Cemetery, Villers-Bretonneaux, Somme, France (Grave Ref: II. L. 4).  Lived 29 Birdhurst Road, Collier’s Wood (also lived 39 Warren Road in 1911).  Son of William and Daisy Emma Woodcraft. Enlisted at Wimbledon, Surrey.

BENNETT, Rifleman Douglas B 

Rifleman Douglas Bradford BENNETT, Service No. 4328. Regiment: 1st 6th Bn. London Regiment (Queen’s Westminster Rifles), died 01/07/1916 (first day of the Battle of the Somme), aged 27 commemorated  on Thiepval Memorial, Somme, France (Ref: Pier and Face 13 C).  Son of Frederick and Maria Bennett. Originally from Brighton area.  Worked as a grocer’s assistant.  Lived 39 Birdhurst Road, Collier’s Wood.

LANE, Private C J R

Private C J R LANE, Service No. L/10792.  Regiment: 1st Bn. The Queen’s (Royal West Surrey Regiment) died 29/07/1915, aged 20 and buried Bethune Town Cemetery, France.  Son of Catherine Lane and the late James Lane.  Lived 51 Warren Road, Collier’s Wood.


Private Harry George SHEPPARD, Service No. 65543 Regiment: 32nd Bn. Royal Fusiliers (City of London) Regiment.  Died 07/08/1917, aged 36 and commemorated at Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial, Belgium.  Lived 37 Marlborough Road, Collier’s Wood.  Worked as a Gas Company’s Collector.  Husband to Florence and father to Lilian and Ivy.  Enlisted at Mitcham.

BROOKS, Pte Joseph S 

Private Joseph Sidney BROOKS, Service No. G/17828.  Regiment: 6th Bn. The Buff’s (East Kent Regiment), enlisted at Wimbledon and died of wounds 05/03/1917, aged 36 and buried Boulogne Military Cemetery, France.  Lived 9 Park Road, Collier’s Wood.

MILES, PO Stoker Albert E

Petty Officer Stoker Albert Edgar MILES, Service No.K/17884 served with Royal Navy.  Died 08/06/1919 aged 27 and buried Gillingham (Woodlands) Cemetery, Kent, United Kingdom.  Lived 7 Cavendish Road, Collier’s Wood.


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