The Somme Centenary ..  marks the Somme Centenary with a special blog series.


Follow Mitcham’s men during the opening seven day bombardment and the events on the first day of the battle,  1st July 1916.  Contemporary documents, photographs and eye-witness accounts are brought together to tell their stories across the battlefield, from Gommecourt in the north to Carnoy in the south.


Click here to download the map

Today  “The Big Push is Coming ..”  sets the scene, tomorrow  “The Eve of the Bombardment ..” introduces  Sgt. Frederick Buckland of “D” Battery, 96th Brigade, RFA.   They shell enemy positions at Fricourt  day and night for five days, expecting zero hour to be on  29th June 1916.  Bad weather causes a 48hr postponement, the bombardment must continue without pause for two more days.  Read his story day by day, all this week.


The “First Day” will trace the events of a dozen of Mitcham’s men across the Somme in what was the single bloodiest day in British history.


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