This site is dedicated to the memory of the 587 individuals named on the Mitcham War Memorial, and to others from Mitcham who served but never returned and appear on no war memorial.  Nor should we forget those who returned but were injured in body and/or mind, and all who returned to re-start their lives in a world changed forever.

For the families of these men, and the wider community of Mitcham,  the long years of the Great War brought a bitter harvest.  A hundred years on, the time is right to remember the struggle and sacrifice of a generation before their names are all but forgotten.

Much of the information presented here was originally published on the Roll of Honour website in 2005.  My thanks and gratitude go to Martin Edwards for hosting this data for so long.  With the current explosion in interest in the 1914-18 conflict,  Martin Edwards and his small band of volunteers are inundated with requests and there is a very large backlog of updates.  This site was been created as an alternative place of reference.

Existing and new data will continue to be added to this site over the coming weeks and months. Trends and themes will be explored, and attention drawn to particular individuals.

My family’s history is bound to these times and places.  At the time of the Great War my father’s family had been in the area for 30 years, but my mother’s family would not settle in Mitcham until between the wars.

I was born in Devonshire Road, Colliers Wood,  a little over sixty years ago and my first home was close to the junction of Blackshaw and Longley Road.  As a young boy I kicked a ball around on Figge’s Marsh, learnt to ride a bike there too, watched football at Sandy Lane and cricket on the Green, and was thrilled by the excitement of Mitcham fair.  When our family fortunes improved we moved to Merton Park.  I left the area in 1977.

It was only in later life that I began to appreciate just what my grandparents, and all the great aunts and uncles I knew, had been through.  They had mostly been silent on the subject, as silent as those 587 names on the Mitcham War Memorial are now.

If you are seeking information about the names on the Mitcham War Memorial,  or have information you would like added to these pages, please contact me at mitchammemorial@gmail.com